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San Mateo County residents and community leaders are endorsing Steven Booker for District 3 Supervisor. To add your name to his growing list of supporters, click here.

Here’s what Steven’s supporters are saying:


“I am proud to endorse Steven Booker for District 3 Supervisor. He has already proven to be a tireless advocate for our County’s youth, veterans and working families and I am confident he will continue that work on the Board of Supervisors.”

— David Canepa
President, San Mateo County
Board of Supervisors


“Steven is incredibly active in our community, fighting for affordable housing for essential workers and veterans, volunteering with youth and senior support services and advocating for workers’ rights. He would be an excellent addition to the Board of Supervisors.”

— Rick Bonilla
Deputy Mayor, City of San Mateo

Elected Officials

David Canepa, President, San Mateo County
Board of Supervisors

Nancy Magee, San Mateo County Superintendent of Schools (Dual)

Malia Cohen, Member, Board of Equalization

Lorena Gonzalez, Former Assemblymember

Harvey Rarback, Half Moon Bay City Councilmember (Dual)

Juslyn Manalo, Mayor, Daly City

Richard Holober, Vice President, San Mateo County Community College District Board of Trustees

Rick Bonilla, Deputy Mayor, City of San Mateo

Amourence Lee, San Mateo City Councilmember (Dual)

Sanjay Gehani, Mayor, City of Foster City (Dual)

Sam Hindi, Foster City City Councilmember (Dual)

Patrick Sullivan, Foster City City Councilmember

Linda Mason, San Bruno City CouncilmemberLarry Moody, Former Mayor, City of East Palo Alto (Dual)

Ginny McShane, Former Board Member,
Coastside Fire Protection District



595 Small Contributor Committee

AFSCME 829 (Dual)

AFT 3267

California State Association of Electrical Workers (CSAEW)

National Electrical Contractors Association
San Mateo County

Elevators Local 8





IBEW 180

IBEW 234

IBEW 302

IBEW 440

IBEW 569

IBEW 595

IBEW 617

IBEW 639

IBEW 1245


OE Local 3

San Mateo County Building Trades Council

San Mateo County Central Labor Council (Dual)

Sprinkler Fitters Local 483

UA 467 (Dual)


Bruno Acosta, Elkus Ranch Grounds Keeper

Adam Andrew

Darren J. Arimoto

Andrew Babish

Kathleen Barber

Anthony L. Basso

Mary Jane Bradley, Educator

Ken Brener

Robert F. Burwell

Daniel Caballero

Victor Cipparrone

David and Suzanne Cot, Owners, Flying Fish Grill

Melinda Dart, Public Education Advocate, Retired Educator

Debra Denham

Marco Ditullio

Brenton Eddens

Cristina Munoz Flores

TJ Glauthier

Jonathan Gomez

Egon Grundmann

Shikha Hamilton

Bob Harkins

Auros Harman, Vice Chair, San Bruno Planning Commission

Kim Harman

Kathryn Haysbert

Rich Hedges

Ceasar Holmes

Sherilyn Jamme

Patric Jonsson

Ailine Kaprive

James Koszis

Michael Marquez

David M. Mauro

David McCarroll Jr.

Sean T. McGinnis

Chris Melas

Melissa Menjivar

Kent Miller

E. Mark Moon, Pharmacist

Mark J. Murphy

Brigid O'Farrell

Daniel R. Pasini

Hung Phan

Lane Poms, Owner, Scapes, Inc.

Lalesh Prasad

Jeremy Price

Johanna Rasmussen

James Ruigomez, Business Manager, San Mateo County Building Trades

Karina Santa Cruz

Wayne D. Schauchulis

Dot Shows

Dan Smith

Katy St. Charles

Desiree M. Swanson

Paul M. Swinfard

Abe Talaakai

Ali Uccelli

Tony Uccelli

John Ulrich

James Vaihola

Chuch Vella

Teena Wein

Scott Wetch

Titles and organizations are for identification purposes only.

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